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Maintenance Of Rubber Paving Machine

Date: 2019-11-02     Tag:  Rubber Paving Machine Paving Machine Paving

1. The Rubber Paving Machine working device and the traveling mechanism are in direct contact with the asphalt mixture during operation. After the operation, the diesel oil is sprayed and then run for a period of time to remove the residual asphalt on the asphalt, allowing it to flow freely and flexibly. Turn. It is strictly forbidden to spray diesel oil on the electric control system and the spiral pipeline to prevent ignition and burning during electrification.

2. After smashing the lime dust, rinse the white material with water. After flushing, lubricate the moving parts of the scraper conveyor chain with waste hydraulic oil. The piston rod is coated with anti-rust oil. Be careful not to wash the parts of the appliance and bearings to prevent short circuits and foreign objects from entering the bearings.

3. Wipe the guide sleeve and telescopic cover surface of the hydraulic telescopic screed. When the Rubber Paving Machine is idle for a period of time, it should be coated with anti-rust oil and the cylinder retracted. If it cannot be recovered, it should be wrapped in a newspaper coated with oil.

4. Clean the gradiometer lift adjustment device, lubricate the screws with grease, apply grease to the floating arm slides, and inject grease at each injection point until the joint overflows. The Rubber Paving Machine with oil cup should always observe the consumption and raise it.

5. The cleaning of the Rubber Paving Machine should be carried out outside the workplace. When cleaning work is required at the job site, a layer of plastic cloth should be laid on the paved asphalt road so that the remaining asphalt and diesel flowing during the cleaning process are cleaned after flowing onto the plastic sheet. In order to prevent corrosion of the asphalt pavement, the asphalt pavement does not allow residual logistics such as diesel.

6. When the Rubber Paving Machine is parked near the carriageway, an obvious safety sign must be placed around it to prevent other vehicles from hitting the paver, setting a warning red light at night, and setting up a guard.

Maintenance Of Rubber Paving Machine

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