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Introduction To The Operation Requirements Of PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine

Date: 2019-11-14     Tag:  PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine Sprayer Machine

PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine is a tool for road construction. It is widely used, but if you want PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine to have a better working efficiency, you need to check all aspects before starting to see if There is a fault. If there is a fault, it cannot be used. It needs to be corrected before it can be used. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to know about the operation requirements of the PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine.

1. Before operating the PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine, the equipment should be preheated to bring it close to the temperature of the mixture. If the flame is extinguished during the use of the booth, the fault should be eliminated and the cause should be found. guard.

2, the operator can not leave the equipment when the PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine is working, and do not let other people stay next to the machine. In the operation, it is necessary to ensure the coordination of operation and minimize the number of operation stops.

3. Depending on the situation, the PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine should reasonably select the speed of the screw, the working speed, etc. If the displacement occurs, it must be carried out completely when the equipment machine stops. It is forbidden to hang up directly.

PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine has high requirements on the surrounding environment during operation. Everyone needs special attention when operating. It should be preheated before use. The PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine should be selected in an open place during use. And avoid frequent parking, in order to reduce the occurrence of failure.

Introduction To The Operation Requirements Of PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine

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