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Teach You The Maintenance Of Running Track Paver Machine

Date: 2019-12-11     Tag:  Running Track Paver Machine Paver Machine Paver

Running Track Paver Machine, as a large-scale equipment, is an indispensable product for laying the runway. Any product may have problems. Therefore, we must pay attention to its maintenance in normal times. Good maintenance can make the product Play a greater role and extend its service life. So next I will talk about the maintenance of the Running Track Paver Machine.

The use of the new Running Track Paver Machine must pay attention to the maintenance during the running-in period. You cannot ignore the maintenance during the running-in period because of the progress of the project. Otherwise, the abnormal wear of some components will be accelerated, leaving hidden dangers for machine failure.

In addition, clean or replace the Running Track Paver Machine air filter element in time, run at idle speed for 3 min ~ 5 mm at startup and flameout, and use qualified diesel are all necessary measures to avoid running Track Paver Machine to burn engine oil. For systems with automatic lubrication at critical lubrication points, No. 2 grease should be used when the temperature is below 20 ° C.

Lubrication of the scraper conveyor chain The scraper conveyor chain is in contact with the material. The Running Track Paver Machine has a poor working environment. If it is not lubricated, it will cause rust, feed adhesion, knotting, and the conveyor chain and the bottom plate. The wear is accelerated, and even the feed is stuck and the chain is broken.

The lubrication of the running track Paver Machine scraper conveyor chain is recommended to use a mixture of various waste lubricants and diesel oil. The diesel oil has strong permeability and is conducive to entering the chain. Before lubricating, open the feeding and distribution switch, clean the material in the gap, and then open the cover in front of the hopper. Pour the mixed oil on the Running Track Paver Machine chain. Lubricate once every 1d to 3d, after each construction.

Teach You The Maintenance Of Running Track Paver Machine

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