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What Are The Advantages Of Running Track Paver Machine Over Traditional Manpower?

Date: 2020-02-04     Tag:  Running Track Paver Machine Running Paver Machine Paver Machine

I believe that many people are no stranger to Running Track Paver Machine. It is now widely used in building construction. What advantages does it have compared to traditional manpower? Let me introduce you.

1. High construction quality

Running Track Paver Machine can significantly improve the flatness of the ground, and the leveling quality of the equipment is more than 3 times higher than the traditional method. The use of this equipment can achieve large-scale construction, reduce large-scale construction joints, reduce the degree of collapse of rubber materials, ensure the strength of rubber materials, make the ground excellent in integrity, and it is not easy to appear gaps.

2. Fast construction speed

Construction using equipment such as paver, its working efficiency is three times higher than the traditional vibrator method, which is very suitable for large-scale surface layers with simple structure and large working surface.

3. High degree of automation and low labor

The application of equipment such as Running Track Paver Machine has transformed the arduous manual labor into mechanical equipment paving, vibrating, ground leveling, pulping and plastering, reducing the operating staff by 30% and reducing the labor of colleagues the amount.

4. High economic returns

Running Track Paver Machine equipment is more cost-effective than traditional technology, the cost is reduced by 2-3 yuan / square meter, the gap is small, the maintenance cost is reduced, and the economic benefits are significantly improved.

The above is the advantage of Running Track Paver Machine. Its application has brought great convenience to our daily life. When using it, we must pay attention to the correct and reasonable application and do the equipment maintenance. Can give full play to the role of the product.

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