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Overview Of Rubber Paving Machine:

Date: 2020-03-05     Tag:  Rubber Paving Machine Paving Machine paver

1. Compact structure and optimized design. The machine uses two motors as the power source, and the power is transmitted to three rollers through a speed change mechanism. The transmission is stable and reliable.


  2. Easy operation and quick adjustment. The machine is operated by one person: directly controlled by the control handle; independent control, easy operation and flexible steering. When adjusting, you only need to turn off the vibration motor; block one end with the triangular iron; start the walking motor and reciprocate to quickly adjust the deviation.


  3. Compression compaction, high compactness. In the construction of this machine, the eccentric rolling at the front is used to hit the concrete pavement at high speed, which far exceeds the effect achieved by the vibration beam, and it will not cause the phenomenon of segregation on the concrete pavement.


  4. Advanced technology and high flatness. The construction of this machine only needs to use a vibrating rod to vibrate and lift the pulp at the dead corner of the formwork, and then the machine will finish paving, compacting, pulping and leveling at one time, and it is not limited by the amount and speed of feeding; The interface slightly affects the smoothness of the road surface. After that, it only needs to be smoothed, brushed or embossed with a flat trowel to complete the work. The machine construction can save other construction materials, high operation efficiency and good construction quality.


   The Rubber Paving Machine is a construction machine that paves the mixed rubber material along the roadbed according to the given thickness, width and road shape requirements, and then completes the concrete pavement by operating procedures such as consolidation, leveling, and smoothing.

   The working devices of the Rubber Paving Machine are generally composed of a spreader, a scraper, a vibrator (including vibrators and vibrators), a leveler, and a trowel. At the same time, the organic cooperation of the frame, the walking mechanism, the operation control system and other auxiliary mechanisms is also required.

Overview Of Rubber Paving Machine:

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