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How Road Paver Machine performs proper daily maintenance

Date: 2020-03-19     Tag:  Road Paver Machine Paver Machine Paver

After paving, flush the white material with water. After washing, lubricate all moving parts of the scraper conveyor chain with waste hydraulic oil, and apply anti-rust oil to the piston rod. Be careful not to flush water to the electrical appliances and bearing parts to prevent short circuits and foreign objects from entering the bearings.

Road Paver Machine cleaning work should be performed outside the work site. When cleaning work is required in the work site, a layer of plastic cloth must be placed on the asphalt pavement to keep residual asphalt and waste flowing during the cleaning process. After the diesel oil flows onto the plastic cloth, it is cleaned up. Do not allow diesel oil and other residues to flow onto the paved asphalt road to prevent corrosion of the asphalt road.

Before the driver leaves the bridge, the Road Paver Machine must be stopped. The brakes must be reliable. The hoppers on both sides should be lowered, and the screeds should be placed on the ground or hooked up. Remove the start key, cover the protective cover, lock the central control box, and turn off the main power switch.

Before work, the captain shall organize the packing of the level meter, cross slope meter, helix, manual cross slope setter and main control box back to the station for safekeeping to prevent loss. The next day, I went back to work to be installed and debugged, and continued to work.

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