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Cold Protection Measures For Running Track Paver Machine

Date: 2020-04-18     Tag:  Running Track Paver Machine Paver Machine Paver

Pavement laying is always carried out in winter, so Running Track Paver Machine is also inevitable in winter. However, in the case of low temperatures, the equipment is easily affected by the low temperature environment, causing a certain degree of damage, so in order to To ensure the efficiency of the equipment in low-temperature environments, we need to master certain cold protection measures to reduce equipment damage.

First, engine maintenance

Choose an antifreeze suitable for the local temperature and replace it every 1 year. Before winter comes, replace the Winter Fuel for the Running Track Paver Machine in advance to avoid the waxing of ordinary diesel fuel in the filter element and the pipeline due to low temperature, which will cause Running The Track Paver Machine engine cannot start normally, turn on the anti-icing device of the compressed air system and regularly check the ether level. Many engines require additional additives in the coolant, namely SCA (Supplementary Coolant Additive), which usually acts on aluminum In the process of making parts contact with the coolant, it can more effectively prevent metal corrosion, mineral precipitation, cylinder liner cavitation and foaming.

Second, electrical system maintenance

Please start the Running Track Paver Machine engine once every half a month to charge the battery and run all hydraulic actuators at the same time, such as turning the hydraulic motor, telescopic cylinder, etc. Do not remove the battery from the machine to prevent the equipment from being parked for a long time Fault phenomenon that causes the loss of the internal software program of the controller


Three, hydraulic system maintenance

Start the Running Track Paver Machine regularly and turn on all the hydraulic functions on the machine to allow the hydraulic drive components to work regularly to prevent the related seals from being damaged due to long-term parking, and the failure of the metal rods and other metal components such as corrosion. It is possible to shrink all the cylinder rods into the hydraulic cylinder oil chamber to better protect the surface of the cylinder rods.

Cold Protection Measures For Running Track Paver Machine

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