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Rubber Paving Machine Oil Leakage Treatment

Date: 2020-05-22     Tag:  Rubber Paving Machine Paving Machine paver

Rubber Paving Machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in the construction industry. During the use of the equipment, some users have found that Rubber Paving Machine occasionally leaks oil during use, resulting in a large amount of oil being wasted. Use efficiency declines and increases business costs.

1. Damage to the Rubber Paving Machine reducer seal ring will cause the laser Rubber Paving Machine to leak oil, so pay attention to check the reducer seal ring before working, and replace it if damaged.

Second, the concrete laser Rubber Paving Machine carburetor oil metering valve is damaged, and the oil metering valve should be replaced in time.

3. There is too much lubricating oil in the gearbox. It is recommended that you control the amount of lubricating oil, not too much or too little.

The reason why the Rubber Paving Machine will cause oil leakage is mainly due to the damage of the sealing ring, the damage of the carburetor, and the excessive addition of lubricating oil. For this, we need to identify the cause of the problem and solve it according to the detailed Method to deal with, so as to quickly restore the normal use of the device.

Rubber Paving Machine Oil Leakage Treatment

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