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Rubber Paving Machine Maintenance Matters

Date: 2022-06-16     Tag:  Paver Machine Road Paver Machine Rubber Paving Machine

In order to ensure that the rubber paving machine works optimally and efficiently, or can be put into paving work at any time, the rubber pellet paver should be maintained at any time and regularly. Road paver machine won't move.

Suspended objects on the rubber paving machine, such as the screed, should be dropped in a low state; maintenance or repair work can only be carried out when the engine is turned off; when dealing with the motor thermal system, the heating circuit must be disconnected from the load switch.

It is strictly forbidden to use a high-pressure water gun to flush the engine that has not been turned off or has just been extinguished. Try to avoid flushing the fuel tank port to prevent water from entering the fuel tank.

When welding, the battery switch should be pulled down first

Rubber Paving Machine Maintenance Matters

Hydraulic lines should be in a depressurized state before maintenance work on the paver machine granulator.

After the road paver machine is repaired and maintained, the safety devices (such as foot pedals, covers, horns, indicators, etc.) should be re-fixed

During the operation of the road paver machine, it should be ensured that people do not stand directly on the conveyor belt and the worm to prevent personal injury accidents.

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