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How Ptj-120 Sprayer Machine Works

Date: 2020-02-10     Tag:  Ptj-120 Sprayer Machine Road Paver Machine

The structure of the ptj-120 Sprayer Machine is generally divided into two parts, that is, the front is the main machine, that is, the tractor; the back is the ironing device, which is the working device. The main unit pulls the screed through the boom.

The ptj-120 Sprayer Machine paving operation is like this:

(1) Before paving, set the relevant parameters such as paving width, paving thickness, paving speed and vibrating vibration according to the construction requirements.

(2) After the paving starts, the paver pushes the skip, and the mixture on the skip is received into the hopper while driving on the base road.

(3) The mixture received in the hopper is conveyed to the rear of the main machine through the scraper feeder.

(4) The mixture conveyed to the rear of the main unit is conveyed to both sides of the entire screed device via the screw feeder.

(5) The ironing device travels forward under the traction of the main machine, and the mixture is ironed and tamped to form a flat and dense paving layer for further compaction and forming of the roller.

(6) Perform automatic or manual control during the paving operation to ensure that the paving layer meets the required width, thickness, cross slope and compaction of the construction requirements.

The mixing of a material truck is a work cycle, and each operation cycle is closely connected to form a substantially continuous supply, thereby further achieving continuous paving. Continuous paving is good for road surface flatness. If a material transfer truck is used to feed the ptj-120 Sprayer Machine, a true continuous supply can be achieved. The material transfer vehicle travels between the skip and the ptj-120 Sprayer Machine, pushing the skip and not in direct contact with the ptj-120 Sprayer Machine. During operation, the material transfer vehicle transports the mixture received from the skip to a high place and continuously falls into the paver hopper for transport by the ptj-120 Sprayer Machine scraper feeder.

How Ptj-120 Sprayer Machine Works

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